Our Story:

Situated in the small town of Kroonstad in the heart of the Free State, Prodotti in Pele is a proudly South African family-owned business.

After 38 years in the trading of raw hides and skins we decided to fulfill a lifelong dream namely, to manufacture our own leather.

In 2014 we started on small scale perfecting our leather-making skills and reviving old forgotten methods to create the best vegetable tanned leather we could possibly make. “Old Blue”, our splitting machine, dates from the 1950’s and is a constant reminder of our commitment to not compromise during any stage of crafting our leather.

In March of 2019, after 5 years of blood sweat and tears, Prodotti In Pelle (meaning Leather Products in Italian) was born.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing Proudly South African quality leather products from only the best *bovine hides and game skins as well as unique leather products made exclusively from our own leather.

All our products are handcrafted by our skilled team. This gives them a superior look and also makes them strong and durable.

It is our mission to have a positive impact on our small community and we hope to provide you with quality leather and leather products for many years to come.

–The Prodotti Team—

*All hides and skins used in the Production of our leather are by-products of the meat industry and no animals are slaughtered for their skins alone.

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